Larry Wasserman

Hi! I’m Larry Wasserman, the Owner and Fitness Director of Body Basics Fitness in Warren, NJ. I’m a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I have also attained an Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level II certification – In the Spring of 2016 I completed coursework for the Functional Aging Specialist through the Functional Aging Institute. Currently I am a Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP) candidate through Dr. Steven Weiniger.  I hold a Master’s degree in Communications from the New York Institute of Technology and a Bachelors degree in Secondary Education from Millersville University.

My fitness journey started later in life than most. Having suffered with chronic knee and lower back pain for almost two decades I would see a Chiropractor or Physical Therapist at least twice a year. Over time I became less active and I gained over 30 lbs! Two weeks before my 40th birthday I looked in the mirror while shaving one morning and I realized what I had become…”fat, bald, and 40!” It was not my greatest moment. Losing my hair was already 15 years past, but I realized that I did not have to be fat and I could control that. To my surprise my wife gave me a gym membership for my 40th birthday.

Within two weeks I felt better. I loved the gym! So much so that within six-months I was on my way to becoming a personal trainer and I began working at the very same gym as the morning manager. It was the best two hours of my day and I looked forward to it. Over the next six years I gained valuable knowledge and experience as a trainer, and then I left to pursue my own business. 

I launched Body Basics Fitness, LLC in February 2005 and Body Basics Boot Camps in 2007. Body Basics Fitness and Body Basics Boot Camps share the same philosophy which focuses on developing strength and functional ability in movements. This entails learning to move the body in functional patterns which incorporate strength, balance and core stabilization. This is more efficient and beneficial than training a single muscle or group of muscles in a uniform pattern, especially one dictated by the use of a weight training machine. The body works as an integrated unit and needs to be trained as such. This type of training will best prepare an individual for competitive sport or tasks performed in everyday life.

I continue to study and research the most effective, efficient, and most importantly motivating modes of exercise available to implement in my Warren, New Jersey personal training and fitness boot camp programs. I now teach these methods every day in order to enrich the lives that surround me through exercise and healthy living. In addition, my mission is to help people by educating them. It serves little purpose if people go through the motions without learning and then applying the knowledge.

“Our ultimate goal is to not only get our clients into great shape, but to teach them how to incorporate fitness into their lives so that they take control and implement a new healthy lifestyle where they feel empowered with the knowledge they’ve gained.”