By definition, personal training is exercise that is as unique as each individual client.

At Body Basics Fitness we have created an environment that will ensure each candidate’s success. As your expert fitness professionals, we are committed to helping you reach your goals and improve your quality of life. Body Basics Fitness exists as an alternative to the mass marketing of personal training. Our mission is to create personal exercise programs that are as unique as each individual client.

At Body Basics, we aim to educate our clients about how to safely and effectively exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle, and to help each individual work towards personal goals. Our Personal Trainers develop exercise programs that fit your needs and goals and will help you to determine the best strategies to make progress or efficiently maintain fitness. As part of the process the Personal Trainers strive to empower each client with accurate information and resources to help you feel more confident in your fitness endeavors.

I first met with Larry Wasserman and I chose personal training and Boot Camp combination. I wanted to get great results in a short amount of time as I was getting married in just a few months. I’ve lost 25lbs in three months and I plan to release another 10lbs of fat to achieve my goals. Everyone at Body Basics is absolutely wonderful.

Lim Bances

Springfield, NJ

“Wow! Body Basics Fitness is simply the best! Not only will you begin the process of physically getting in better shape and healthier but you will also feel less stressed and have more energy and be more inspired to change in other areas of your life. This program combines the essentials of good health: aerobic cardiovascular exercise, strength training and stretching along with expert nutrition coaching. Body Basics Fitness is committed, passionate and sensitive to each individual’s journey to optimal health.”

Dr. Vanita Braver

Warren, NJ

Body Basics Fitness offers the highest level of personal training Warren, NJ. Our 1-on-1 personal training programs are perfectly tailored to your fitness level, whether you are looking to burn fat, tone up, or improve your overall health.


Our comprehensive training teaches you life-long skills for fitness success, improved nutrition habits, and provides accountability, motivation, and compassionate support.

Benefits & Features

No matter what your level of fitness is when you start at Body Basics we have the programs and passion to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

One-on-one training is our gold standard and corner stone of our program.

We also work with individuals that are referred to us from Physical Therapists and Chiropractors. Once a client is free of pain and inflammation, exercise is the Rx for long term health, improved movement and pain free living.  We have the expertise necessary to create customized treatment plans with your medical condition in mind. We can also communicate with your healthcare provider to ensure your exercise plan is compatible with your current treatment plan.


I have learned so much about myself and feel as though the changes I have made are not for the moment but for a life time. And yes I must say it felt great to fit into a size 10 Levi 515 Boot cut jean. I need more closet space to put my old clothes!

Mary Morgan

Warren, NJ

Larry has taught me the most intensive way thus far to get a full-body workout fast, and with the most variety of creative exercises that any coach has ever given me. Thus, I have ‘no excuse’ when it comes to working out wherever I am.”

Sarah H.

Warren, NJ

There are many reasons why people hire a personal trainer. Motivation, safety, individualized instruction, effective workouts, to bolster confidence, sport-specific training, injury rehabilitation, to focus on technique, to learn new skills, are some of the reasons. You may want a trainer to motivate and push you to the point where you begin to see lasting results and to give you ongoing encouragement and support so you keep it up!

All of the Body Basics trainers have at least one nationally recognized and independently accredited Personal Trainer certification, such as from ACSM, ACE, NASM, NSCA. All of these certifying bodies require continuing education in order maintain certifications.

The purpose of this first meeting is to assess what fitness information is most needed and desired, and to provide information on how to get started or continue making progress towards desirable fitness. The visit includes review of your health history, as well as assessing your current fitness level, needs and goals.

The number of visits with a trainer will be based on your specific needs and goals. Clients seeking an individualized exercise program may want to purchase “Jump Start” following their fitness intake, and then decide afterwards whether to purchase more sessions. Clients who want to enhance their current workout or performance may WANT to train 2, 3, or 4 times per week. Those new to exercise or those who like ongoing personal motivation may NEED to train 2, 3, or 4 times per week. The bottom line is that we set up a program based on your needs and budget.

Each trainer works with each client based on the current fitness level of the individual. The advice given is individually tailored to help the client make steady progress towards achieving a higher level of fitness and well-being. Our goal is to give you fitness advice and some tools to build a better you.

A medical release consists of a note from a healthcare provider stating any necessary exercise restrictions and/or provisions, or that states that the client has been cleared to exercise with no restrictions. Clients with a known medical condition (i.e., cardiovascular, metabolic, pulmonary, orthopedic, etc.) will be required to obtain medical clearance from a healthcare provider before they can workout with a trainer. Clients with symptoms suggestive of a clinical condition, or with multiple risk factors, may be required to get clearance as well.

Success Session with Larry

One of my favorite aspects of Body Basics Fitness is working with people on a personal level and helping them to achieve their goals.  Over the last ten years, I’ve been able to help hundreds of people in the Warren, NJ area to get amazing results, and I want to help YOU get there also.  During your Success Session, I’ll personally create a blueprint for you that will outline exactly what you need to do to get the results you want and deserve.  I’ll explain our programs and services to see if they’re a good fit for you.  There’s absolutely no obligation! You’ve literally got nothing to lose (except maybe some weight), and everything to gain!