If you are over age of 50 and feel that you need to begin an exercise program, where do you begin?  Do you find yourself concerned that you might get injured at the gym? It’s exercise that you need, but how do you find a trainer that is qualified for you that can provide the most effective training program to help you improve your health and function safely?

Many specialized training methods can be very advantageous for older clients. But they can also be potentially harmful if their unique needs are not taken into consideration. As an Functional Aging Specialist, we know when to fully apply the method as it is intended and when to modify or eliminate a particular movement or pose.



  • Full and proper assessment of your functional abilities.
  • In depth knowledge about the aging process and it’s impact on exercise.
  • A complete system for program design geared specifically for the older client.
  • Functional training strategies and techniques that can be applied in any type of exercise environment.
  • Functional exercises for a wide variety of older clients.
  • Balance-specific assessments and training strategies to improve balance and reduce fall risk
  • To better meet the training needs, priorities and goals of this population

People often ask if the loss of mobility, flexibility and vitality is normal part of the aging process. We don’t believe it is and that aging does not have to result in physical limitations. When we see people that are rounded and have bent over posture, we think of it as a natural part of getting older, but in truth it occurs as a result of the body adapting to long-term poor posture. Injuries play a significant role too. Combined with age cause the body’s joints to stiffen and the muscles have to adapt to the stress. Not only does this impact posture, but the muscles have to work harder to keep the body balanced, which makes the muscles progressively tighter.

Posture-and-Beauty-Radiance-CPEPAs we get older, most people slow down and avoid doing the things “they used to do”. Some people begin early in life to limit their activity due to residual pain from a past injury, or what they perceive may cause pain. Injuries can affect and alter abnormal movement patterns which  often result in pain. Many other people eliminate activity just because they think it will cause discomfort. In some cases the only limitations we have are those we place on ourselves. Youth is a feeling, not an age. Think young and be young!

The second key to staying and feeling young is to look young. Improving posture and an erect stature will add a lot to our youthful appearance. Better still, working towards strengthening posture now will lead to improved balance, coordination and function.

Posture can be improved at any age. While you can’t force good posture by ‘standing up straight,’ you can begin a program to improve posture step-by-step.

Each session of your StrongPosture™ exercise program will move you towards improving balance, alignment, and symmetry of motion.  Most also report relief from postural neck and back pain. Overtime you’ll be surprised at the difference in how you feel, and even how others see you. The bottom line is, when you keep moving you feel good and age well.